Black Hammer Heavy Duty Socks ST00212


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BLACK HAMMER has been revolutionizing safety shoes since 1993. With our genuine leather, durable craftsmanship and innovative design, every pair is created to bring you the greatest safety with the finest style. Like you, we never compromise on quality.

Whether you are stepping into a challenging environment or having a jog in the park, our latest Safety Socks constructed to give both comfort and durability to fit your feet. Designed to endure even the most challenging situations, it comes with a breathable one-layer mesh that encourage air circulation and a dual-layer knitted cotton to keep your feet dry. Comfortable, durable and stylish – Style up your lasting feet comfort with us!

  • Free Size
  • Include 3 pairs = 6 pcs
  • 2x Durability
  • 80% Cotton
  • 20% Spandex
  • ​Heavy Duty Comfort
  • Keep Feet Dry
  • Breathable & Anti Sweat
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